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Madison Harvey is a mixed media artist that specializes in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and wearables. She is pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts at Casper College in Wyoming. 


Throughout high school, Madison earned a 3rd place recognition in the Annual Wyoming Junior Duck Stamp contest, started her own jewelry business creating jewelry from vintage silverware, and worked at a laser art shop creating many different custom gifts and other projects using wood and acrylic. Madison was awarded many scholarships for her post high school education including the Visual Arts Activity Scholarship, the Houston & Martha Williams Visual Art Scholarship, and she is a 2022 Daniels Fund Scholar. She was also recently hired in the Casper College Visual Art Department as the student gallery assistant. Madison’s art is featured throughout Powell High School in the form of large installations. Madison assisted in making murals, 3D models, and assembly of these projects. Her handmade jewelry has been featured in benefit auctions over the years, her watercolor, sculptural, printmaking, and metalsmithing pieces are featured in Casper College’s 2023 Expression Magazine, was exhibited in the 2023 Casper College Juried Student Show, and was in multiple exhibitions at Art 321 in Casper. 



I create drawings, paintings, prints, mixed media sculptures, and wearables, reflecting the things that are fundamental parts of my existence. My pieces represent an object, time period, or feeling from my life in an effort to give thanks and glory to God for all He has given me. 

Using a large variety of materials, including watercolor, charcoal, antique silverware, metals, paper mache, and whatever else I can get my hands on, I strive to create things with the utmost craftsmanship and attention to detail. My process is intense, and I pour my heart and soul into the pieces I create. I draw inspiration from the things around me, whether that is nature, my bedroom, or any of my earthly belongings. I like to use recycled or everyday materials in my work to give otherwise mundane objects a new purpose, just as God has done for me. 

The purpose of my life is to give glory to God. Doing this unconventionally, through art, brings me closer to myself and strengthens my faith. The goal of my art is to bring light to all of the beautiful things God has created, all of the earthly things that we get to enjoy for the short time we are here. By using recycled objects to create jewelry, watercolor to paint scenes of beauty, or other mediums to build 3D representations of my time on this earth, I hope my pieces leave the viewer in awe of how beautiful simple things can be.


Click to access my Artist CV.

Read about my education, accomplishments, and other information on my resume.

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